[ExI] Order Without Orderers, online for the first time

Max More max at maxmore.com
Thu Sep 3 21:09:02 UTC 2009

BillK wrote:
> >  www.maxmore.com/Order_Without_Orderers.htm
> >
>As history, it's an interesting read.
>But after the 2007 financial markets debacle I think you should 
>delete all the discussion of self-regulating markets. That was 
>Greenspan's flawed ideology - that government regulation wasn't 
>needed because the market players would self-regulate because it was 
>in their own interest to do so.

To reply to this, I'll paste in this part of a longer post I just 
sent to the Extrobritannia list:

On the Extropy-Chat list, yesterday I posted a link to my "Order 
Without Orderers" article from 1991 that I just put online. BillK 
suggested that I rewrite part of it to reflect the imperfections of 
financial markets revealed by the recent problems. Aside from being 
unwilling to alter the original piece, I reject BillK's suggestion 
because I think that most (not all) of the financial and economic 
problems we have experienced are the result not of unfettered free 
markets but of government regulation and intervention. (I expressed 
more on this in a blog post: 

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