[ExI] The telepathic communication era

BillK pharos at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 18:22:22 UTC 2009

On 9/11/09, Giulio Prisco wrote:
>  Everyone’s mind will be permanently linked to the wireless Internet,
>  and through the Internet to everyone else’s mind. This will trigger
>  very radical changes. In particular telepathic groups—able to
>  instantly share and elaborate thoughts—will produce an enormous
>  acceleration in the development and deployment of new ideas, and cause
>  the emergence of “group minds”. And once neural communication is
>  sufficiently deep, accurate and fast, it will be possible to transfer
>  the informational content of a person’s brain, with memories, thoughts
>  and feelings, to a higher performance storage and processing device.
>  This “mind uploading” technology may eventually provide practical
>  immortality.

Now just slow down there for a minute.    :)

I have always found that the biggest problem with telepathy is
building firewalls against the torrent of drivel, nonsense, coercion,
etc. streaming out from neighboring minds.

Twitter is a bad example to use. It is mostly a broadcast system with
a few users producing most of the tweets.
Micro-blogging service Twitter remains the preserve of a few, despite
the hype surrounding it, according to research.
Just 10% of Twitter users generate more than 90% of the content, a
Harvard study of 300,000 users found.

And another analysis showed that only 8.7% of tweets had 'value' content.
A short-term study of Twitter has found that 40% of the messages sent
via it are "pointless babble."  Almost as prevalent as the babble were
"conversational" tweets that used it as a surrogate instant messaging
The study found that only 8.7% of messages could be said to have
"value" as they passed along news of interest.

'Telepathic' groups are more likely to degenerate very quickly into
random noise, with your 'deep thinkers' disconnecting in
self-preservation. Mailing lists are bad enough - and there you have
time to think before posting a response!  Just imagine what an instant
mailing list would be like, with everyone shouting simultaneously. Oh,
I forgot. We have that already. It's called Usenet (or forums).
Without a very aggressive moderator, just forget it.


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