[ExI] Civilization, Virtue, and Stress

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Mon Sep 21 03:54:56 UTC 2009

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> Subject: Re: [ExI] Civilization, Virtue, and Stress
> Post Futurist ha scritto:
>  > Vietnam? so many thousands of ex-'Nam soldiers are in pain;
> I think the "psycothic ex-Nam soldier" is a national myth, 
> but it is not true...

Certainly greatly exaggerated.  I know plenty of ex-Nam soldiers, and not a
single one of them would I consider unhinged or suffering from
post-traumatic stress syndrome.  The mainstream press seems bent on selling
kids the notion that if they are sent to war they will be crazy.  I just
haven't seen that.

> What changed? The reporting of the press. The media...

I would hafta agree here.

> Not strange, given soldiers are young people, usually.
> How many WW2 was elected POTUS? Eisenhower, Kennedy (that 
> lasted a couple of days in shark infested waters when his 
> ship was sunked by japaneses)...

Nixon was a Navy guy in WW2, Ford was a Navy guy in WW2, Carter was a Navy
guy after the war, Reagan served in WW2 making training videos, may he rest
in peace.


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