[ExI] insurance may be dangerous, was RE: surefire way to prevent street robbery

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Mon Sep 21 05:01:55 UTC 2009

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	Subject: [ExI] surefire way to prevent street robbery
	You tell the mugger, "I'm a transhumano-extropian", and he will take
out his own wallet, saying, "so sorry, here is all my cash"...

Because I was camping for a solid month, I am way behind on email and news,
but I just heard the Senator from Chappaquiddick passed away some time last

When I read about the commentary regarding muggers, I think of the health
reform plan that would require everyone, even the young and healthy to buy
health insurance.  Seems to make sense in a way, for they are at some risk
of developing health problems, even if low, and their having little capital
means the non-insured young externalize their risk onto society.

But here's a new spin for you: the money they are forced to spend on health
insurance could otherwise be spent on moving into a safer neighborhood.  If
we compel the young and healthy to buy health insurance, we may actually
*increase* their overall risk of being injured or seriously killed.


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