[ExI] Senator from Chappaquiddick

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Tue Sep 22 04:03:48 UTC 2009


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> Subject: Re: [ExI] Senator from Chappaquiddick
> At 05:00 AM 9/21/2009, spike wrote:
> >...I just heard the Senator from Chappaquiddick 
> passed away some time last month.
> More than 30 years ago, a person I knew who moved in Kennedy 
> circles told me that Kennedy didn't know Mary Jo was in the back seat.
> ...He and the woman got out, 
> and had no idea that Mary Jo was drowning in the back seat...
> But it makes a lot more sense than the official version.
> Now that Kennedy is dead, perhaps some of the people who knew 
> what actually happened will talk about it... Keith

Keith thanks, this version of the story really does make more sense than the
traditional one.  I couldn't figure out how even a child of privelege could
have gotten off with so few consequences.  I could imagine witnesses at the
party testifying that Mary Jo had too much and had left the party, then some
time later Kennedy and someone else had left together.  For that matter Mary
Jo could have even been asleep in the floor behind the front seat, which
would explain why the carpet back there had her claw marks.  She could have
awakened only when the car overturned, then been disoriented by alcohol and
the bizarre circumstance of being upsidedown in a submerged Detroit.  Tragic
story in any case.  I am amazed Kennedy managed to salvage a political
career with that behind him.



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