[ExI] Don't be a locavore fundamentalist

Post Futurist p0stfuturist at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 25 14:32:08 UTC 2009

Agreed. But sentimentality is a factor as well; town, region, familial, clan, etc.
 Too much disregard for such makes us quasi-Marxist in social, albeit not scientific, attitude. 

### Locovores are monkeys arrogant enough to think they can out-think
the market. They disregard the price signal that integrates social
utility over the whole world, and instead apply their subjective
feelings to opine about things they usually know next to nothing
about, like the environmental and social impact of apple farming in
Chile or the energy cost of trans-oceanic shipping. In other words,
locovory is the usual mixture of ignorance and self-righteous
arrogance that monkeys strut around to impress other monkeys.

Funny thing, as soon as I learned to blabber about local wines, my
popularity with local chicks soared.

When I upload myself, I'll buy some social science expansion packs to
allow me to finally understand humans.

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