[ExI] barack W. obama

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at libero.it
Sun Sep 27 18:11:54 UTC 2009

spike ha scritto:

>> ...On Behalf Of Olga Bourlin
>> Subject: Re: [ExI] barack W. obama

> .... 
>>> The current president has come to the same conclusion as his 
>>> predecessor on the Gitmo detainees:
>>> Obama has become the new Bush.
>> No, Spike.  He's not the new Bush ... Obama inherited this 
>> mess...
> ....but campaigned by saying he would solve it.

>> Furthermore, this is not news.  Observe what happened back in 
>> May (portion below is from his speech)...
> ....but he was already elected by May.  How should W have handled it?  The
> above isn't necessarily criticism of either W or H.  I sure as hell can't
> figure out how to deal with those guys either.  The constitution doesn't
> have a category for those who aren't exactly POWs, don't have an actual
> country, but can't really be treated as ordinary criminals either.

Your Constitution have not figured out that politicians in charge would 
not declare war against organizations like al-Qaeda and similar and, 
simply, hang them all without an afterthought when caputured.

The solution is simply, but politicians don't like it.
Declare war, kill them until they surrender or there are no one to kill.
The captured, close them in prisons, if their side abide to the rules of 
war; if it don't, kill them like the thugs they are.
And give a damn about the enemy civilians losses; the enemy don't have 
this problem with your civilians.

I remember England declared war to pirates and slavers back in the XVIII 
century, and they had not many problems to hang them or put them in jail 


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