[ExI] QRE: barack W. obama

Damien Broderick thespike at satx.rr.com
Tue Sep 29 04:10:00 UTC 2009

On 9/28/2009 9:29 PM, Emlyn wrote:

>> We can do that Emlyn, for altho our constitution specifically
>> >  requires that one be a natural born US citizen to be POTUS, it does not
>> >  actually say that one is required to*prove*  that one was born in the USA.

>> >  spike

> Hawaii is a real state you know. Just because you can't drive there,
> it still counts :-)

Emlyn, you are sadly gullible. Don't you understand yet that Obama bin 
Laden is a reptiloid time criminal hatched in Gondwanaland? How else 
could he have planted that official birth certificate and newspaper notice?

Damien Broderick

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