[ExI] Singularity - Non-Gender Specific

Stefano Vaj stefano.vaj at gmail.com
Wed Sep 30 12:49:19 UTC 2009

2009/9/30 spike <spike66 at att.net>:
> Interesting post Natasha.  Perhaps we should take a more proactive approach
> and always refer to all cyborgs in the feminine gender.  We did that since
> forever with ships.  I don't see why it couldn't apply to cyborgs.

For those who pay attention to such things, it may be of interest that
while I suspect that  "singularity" itself in English is a
grammatically neuter word, in Italian, Latin, French, Spanish,
Portugues, Catalan and German (that is, as long as you translate it
with "Singularität") is definitely feminine.

This of course is very eloquent as to the specific ideological and
psychological traits of Anglo-Saxon singularitarians, as opposed to
the their continental brethren.


Or simply as to the different way languages deal with substantivitaing
suffixes. ;-D

Stefano Vaj

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