[ExI] plain text strange = chars was Not very bright

Gregory Jones spike66 at att.net
Mon Aug 2 03:46:11 UTC 2010

--- On Sat, 7/24/10, BillK <pharos at gmail.com> wrote:


>In this particular case it was the notorious Mr Gregory Jones.  ;)

>Spike appears to be using Yahoo Mail Classic...

Apologies for this.   About a month ago I started having trouble with my email program and have too much on my plate at the moment to go figure out why it works only intermittently, so I have been using this Yahoo product as an interrim solution.  I came back from parents' 50 wedding anniversary celebration yesterday to find my modem had perished, so I ran down to Frys and procured a new one, got that working with the help of my very own data-enabled spousal unit.  But fixing the email program is still too low on my immediate do-it list, with elderly parents and youngerly offspring both getting higher priority for the near term foreseeable.
Jim I do apologize, but don't give up on me, man.
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