[ExI] where the heck is j. andrew rogers?

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Mon Aug 2 05:35:16 UTC 2010

spike wrote:
> >...I've no beef with ...  Best, Jeff Davis
> I know it is a weakness of human nature to become
> emotionally invested in inconsequential tribal spats,
> but people who want to be transhumanists need to be
> able to get past that almost as a prerequisite.  In fact,
> a good portion of the transhumanist ideals are all about shedding this 
> behavior.
>                                            j. andrew rogers
> Where the heck is J. Andrew Rogers these days?  He lives around here 
> somewhere, but I haven't seen him in a couple years now, since one of 
> Eliezer's events.  Anyone here know what is up with him?  Do invite 
> him to drop in, and let him know we miss his insights, his deeply 
> human, admirable in every way style.

I see him online in various groups, usually setting us straight about 
some bit of tech wizardly the rest of us were a bit sideways about.   
Haven't seen him in the flesh in about a year.  Then he was talking IIRC 
about some very cool GIS advanced stuff he had done and was apparently 
making his daily off of at the time.

- samantha

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