[ExI] Religions and violence.

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Mon Aug 2 22:16:13 UTC 2010

darren shawn greer wrote:
>> Samantha wrote:
>> The "community" is only a collection
>> of individuals. It has no special rights that trump those of the
>> individuals it is composed of. The widespread belief that it does is
>> precisely what makes horrors such as Nazism possible. It is what is
>> destroying even that one time symbol of deepest appreciation of the
>> individual and individual rights, America.
> Rampant indivualism is one of the
> reasons corporate America has been able to join forces with the government of
> America (and other countries of the west) to erode the rights and freedoms of
> those same individuals it proclaims to exalt. 

Please think again about what you wrote there.  In a limited government 
that truly respects individual rights and is utterly forbidden from 
violating them in any way there is no government coercive power over the 
rights of individuals to be sold to corporations or any other entity.  
It is only the departure from full recognition and support of individual 
rights that allows this.

> I would also argue that it was in
> part what made Nazi-ism possible as well. Crush the unions, under-fund the
> NGO's,
Unions when backed by coercive state power over the rights of 
individuals who happen to be employers tend to violations of individual 
rights.  It is only individual rights and their inalienable superseding 
any desire of the state nature that is a fit protection against 
oppression by the State no matter what its nominal political stripe.

- samantha
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