[ExI] FYI: Stuart's First Website

The Avantguardian avantguardian2020 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 3 05:40:01 UTC 2010


Hey all,

Nothing to brag about but I, in the process of trying to gain webmastering 
skills, have created a citizen journalism / crowd-sourced news website called 
Eyzwyde Open News. I kind of envisioned it as a "neighborhood watch" program for 
the global village where anybody in the world could report local happenings 
and opinion pieces from their unique perspectives without big media censorship 
or gatekeeping. After all what gives the media giants the *right* to decide that 
"balloon boy" is more newsworthy than your best friend's wedding? Because CNN 
said so? Why is Bill O'Reilly's opinion on immigration more important than 
yours? Because he can shout down talking heads on his own TV show? The 
mainstream media is rigged to tell you what the PTB want you to know. 

With such reasoning in mind, this is my paltry gift to you all so run with it as 
you wish.  I did it in my spare time and it has no profit model so don't expect 
any bells and whistles. Please feel free to register and embark on your hobby as 
an ace reporter, photographer, or op-ed writer. Any comments/critiques and/or 
technical volunteers would be appreciated as this is and will be a work in 
progress. Thank you all for your time.   

Stuart LaForge

"Old men read the lesson in the setting sun.
Beat the cymbal and sing in this life, or wail away the hours fearing death.
Their choice is their fortune." - I Ching 


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