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> Let's see, here's a source:
> http://morgenstern.jeffreykegler.com/

Great story, Damien. I've never read the U.S constitution so of course I was hoping the Morgenstern document would say what was specifically troubling Godel. The general consensus on the 'net, in maybe ten minutes of hunting, was that it was the paradox of self-amendment. Is that correct? Does anyone actually know what he said? He must have been a very interesting guy, if Einstein got exasperated with him. Einstein wasn't exactly Mr. Normal. 

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> On 8/3/2010 3:53 PM, Gregory Jones wrote:
>> My favorite Godel story: He didn't realize fully the danger from the
>> Nazis, being as Godel wasn't always on exactly the same planet with the
>> rest of us, so the scientific community managed to get him to the US.
>> Einstein and others were trying to get him US citizenship. At the US
>> consulate, he was given a copy of the US constitution, which he read
>> carefully. An embassy worker asked "Dr. Godel, what do you think of our
>> constitution?" Godel: "According to this document, the US could legally
>> become a dictatorship."
> The way I heard it, Godel was studying up for the required test and got
> a bee in his bonnet about that vulnerability in the constitution. As his
> pals prepped him for the hearing, they told him urgently, "And for the
> He brought it up anyway, but the Judge shut him up, and allowed his
> citizenship.

> Damien Broderick
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