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>...Sounds like part of the pathway to meat -from-a-vat...Best, Jeff Davis...
Oh hell yes, and it even sounds more appatizing than eating bugs.  This is coming from me, and I like bugs.  Well, not necessarily to eat the little beasts, but to look at them and study them.
This is the best indication in a long time that we are really nearing a food production breakthrough, where the energy input to meat production could be electrical power instead of our absurdly inefficient current means of capturing a small fraction of sunlight, adding a great deal of scarce fresh water, converting part of that to usable sugars, then having some beast devour that and convert some small fraction to protein, of which we convert some small fraction to our lives.
While we are on that, I was on vacation a couple weeks ago in Washington and Oregon.  Observed proles building wind turbines as fast as they could get the things up.  It was a windy few days, and the locals noted the lines were strained, trying to carry all the generated power.  So I have been thinking of ways to convert the wind-generated power, knowing there is no really good way to store energy at that scale.  We need processes that are compatible with part time generation, where power levels can change more quickly than most power generation plants can be throttled down or back up.  Meat production might be one such application that uses a lot of power, yet is compatible with sudden drops or increases.
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