[ExI] Meanwhile in China...

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Yes, the whole China thing has been going on since before we were born. I recall 
reading an essay about the dire predictions for when the PRC got the bomb -- 
that this would, naturally, start WW3. And here we are almost fifty years after 
that and China is hardly more of a military menace today than it was then. 

But, as you know, one argument deployed time and again against liberty has been 
fear of some external enemy. This has been done since ancient times. (I don't 
mean, of course, some here are willingly try to deceive, but I fear they're 
unwittingly embracing a fear they should set aside. This doesn't mean, either, 
that the Chinese government is nice and nonthreatening. Just have a bit of 
perspective. This too shall pass.)



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On Mon, Aug 9, 2010 at 6:52 AM, The Avantguardian
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> Yeah, I know this isn't about Muslims, religion, or even violence. But it is
> about economic competition. So while we waste our money blowing up rocks in
> Afghanistan with million dollar missiles to benefit the guys who make 
> look at what the rational superpower is doing: biding its time while the
> competition depletes itself running in circles. Chairman Mao would be so 
> Maybe our children will sing praises to him in Mandarin.
> http://www.gizmag.com/up-close-and-personal-with-saics-yez-concept-car/15808/
> If anyone wants to defend their libertarian ideals against the empirical fact
> that is China, please speak up.

### It's amazing that seemingly any set of data can be seen as a
reason to turn towards darkness.


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