[ExI] The mosque at Ground Zero

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I think to be sure one would have to clearly define religion here (and probably 
just what's meant by "illogical"). My exposure to real world religious believers 
leads me to believe many of them don't have clear ideas on their beliefs and 
many hold clearly illogical -- in the classical sense -- ideas -- that is, they 
hold ideas that are inconsistent with each other and usually clash with even the 
facts they accept.

But what does this mean ultimately? Non-religious people I know often evince 
similar problems in their beliefs. What follows from this?



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Religion is not inherently illogical, it is just inherently
unscientific. If it could be disproved, it would be science, not

With that said, many religions are unscientific rather than illogical.
Logic is entirely situation dependent, there is no objective standard
to a line of thought, however there is an objective standard on how to
follow and persue the line of thought.
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