[ExI] Meanwhile in China

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Here! Here!

Another problem is one of perspective. If one sees the Chinese government or its 
military as a threat because at some distant time in the future it might be able 
to do harm to one, one should also look at what harm is being done now by the 
government one lives under. This is a lot like worrying that at some time an 
arsonist from another continent might burn down your house while one from your 
own is actually busy setting fire to each room.

But as I quoted earlier, he who plays the sheep will find the butcher. In that 
light, one should ask, "Cui bono?" with regard to all this war rhetoric about 
China. Certainly helps out our national political elites and the mechants of 



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> It frightens me to think that a nation with little or no respect for
> civil liberties (even of their own people), is going to probably be
> the greatest economic and military power on the planet within several
> decades!

I am unimpressed with the US's treatment of its citizens.  For
example, a Federal Court decision this week (or last) gives
"religions" (i.e., whatever calls itself a religion) the ability to
evade laws on human trafficking (i.e., slavery or intolerable working

Be that as it may, I think Extropians and related groups will abandon
country centric, perhaps even culture centric, attitudes.  If we don't
get to the singularity relatively soon, say by the mid 2040s, then
much of the effort that goes into doing it will be from China simply
because that's where most the scientific progress will be made

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