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>> There are reasons rooted in human evolution for behavior of this
>> sort including  9/11, the US response and the political rise of
>> people such as Sarah Palin. I have expounded on them enough.  Can
>> someone else speak up?

> There is probably something to your hypothesis, Keith. The odd thing
> however is that it has been perverted from its evolutionary purpose
> of gaining the tribe resources to gaining a select few economic
> players the resources at the cost of the economic stability of the
> tribe as a whole. The tribe got suckered by the 
> military/industrial/media complex into nearly breaking itself for the
> benefit of a few through the deliberate manipulation of EP. Which is
> probably why the media bends over backwards to avoid calling
> incidents like this terrorism:

> http://www.nytimes.com/2010/02/19/us/19crash.html

Why? This is the action of a solitary madman.
I don't see a theology supporting his action, a religious establishment
advocating more of this, etc.
When a stupid is a lone he is a stupid; when there are 10 stupid, they
are ten stupid, but when 10.000 stupid are organized in a movement, they
are a force of history.

By the way, we in Italy had a similar incident a few years ago, when a
man launched his plane against the House of Lombardy Government.

The type of personality appear the same of the Texas IRS crash.
He had a bad, bad day, and he decided to close his life with a bang.

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