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>...Is extra compensation added if the slain person has a medical degree, these being enormously difficult and expensive to obtain?  We must assume of course that the value of the slain infidel female, regardless of her degree, can never exceed the value of any male, being as one cannot through mere education earn a penis... spike
I realize my comments are inflammatory, but I can scarcely disguise the depth of my contempt for the Taliban and everything for which it stands.  Infidel missionaries make unfathomable sacrifices, facing enormous risk and discomfort to help an unappreciative, benighted and hostile populace.  For their generosity they are slain, while the American media debate over whether the victims were guilty of carrying bibles.  
Meanwhile in America, the fidels are caught proselytizing and carrying the koran, for which they are brutally invited to build a mega-mosque.
Let us not become so tolerant that we tolerate intolerance, nor so enlightened that we embrace darkness.


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