[ExI] Religions and violence

Gregory Jones spike66 at att.net
Thu Aug 12 14:49:17 UTC 2010

--- On Thu, 8/12/10, darren shawn greer <dgreer_68 at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> If you're going to quote the Bible, where the scriptural support for Jesus having a sexual interest in Mary Magdalene?

>I can't answer for Spike, but I'll take a shot at it myself. No canonical reference, but the extant gnostic Gospel of Mary is missing pages 1 to 6 and 11 to 14. I bet somebody tore out the dirty parts... Darren
Sure but before anyone gets all righteously indignant, do keep in mind that many of us did stuff like this when we were kids.  I can honestly say *I did not steal those pages* out of the Gospel of Mary.  I didn't, I swear!  I may have taken a page or three out of the library copy of National Geographic from time to time in my misspent youth, but as often as not, the good stuff was already gone by the time I got there, even if I showed up early on the exact day on which the new NatGeo arrived each month.  Some other youthful miscreant took them you can be sure, perhaps the same gnostic malefactor who took the sexy pages out of Mary.  
I didn't do it, but if I catch him, it's BANG Zoooooom!  Right to the moon.


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