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Not knowing what is the best way to introduce myself to this list on which I
have been lurking for a while, and being in contact with some of you
(Natasha, Max) it occurred to me that maybe  my latest ultrashort scifi
story (a second project I am working upon beside the Polytopia Project) is
an interesting manner of introduction, so here goes:


“If one doesn’t put one’s reason at stake in an experiment, the experiment
is not worth attempting.”

( Bachelard in “Le Surrationalisme” (1936)


Presentation to the Titan board of AGI, Biorobotics, and Other sentient life

Dear members of the board,

As it is the duty of every future officer of the board to present its
conception of identity and its epistemic profiles, I send you this
photon-transmission as part of my CV (which you already received and light
I wish to use this particular presentation as an explication of why I will
require certain concessions as part of my existential requirements.

Though I still inhabit a material manifestation that is commonly referred to
as ‘my body’, I do not regard this as a ‘one size fits all’ proposition,
therefore, though it is a factuality that I ‘have’ a body this in no fashion
stands as the signifier of an identity.
Moreover though it is still true to a biological constraint that said body
has grown and evolved to carry a gender specification, in no fashion do I
regard this specificity to signify a gender that I carry as a state of mind.
My basic standpoint in this respect is that both enhancements and uploads
are viable options as well as mind transfer or biodiversified
personification, I consider all choices of modification, transformation and
or mutation into other species as equally valid under the freedom of
individuation act of solar date, march 2117.

To further explicate, it is also true that on the common scheme of
identification the above body was born in a certain location commonly
referred by most minds as a certain nation, having a legitimacy and validity
of existence and thus providing an identification of sorts, let it be said
that I do not regard this mind as identified in any such manner.
Having thus relinquished the common denominators of age, gender,
nationality, race and creed, all tools of designation the need for which has
dissipated, the habit that is ‘I’, is for purposes of this presentation an
anticipation of sorts.

I have for the purpose of this presentation re-cohered and re- entangled the
myriad personas that variously stand and represent said simulacra of habits
called ‘I’ into an apparent compounded interest. Since the respect and
regard I carry for the board is high indeed it is my desire to announce that
in no fashion will any bias of any sort imply upon my performance. All sub
personas I have created, limited sentiency notwithstanding, can and shall be
immediately deleted andor preserved for further assistance if such
requirement will be made.

For the benefit of full transparency let it be presented that all semantic
representations within said confined event of personhood can be inspected at
will and upon request, confirmed signature follows.

Moreover since the realization of the full import of my future employment
within the board is tantamount to personhood modification I hereby grant the
board of Titan AGI, Biorobotics, and other sentient life forms, full and
irrevocable permission to mutate the undersigned to the extant of tolerance
within the topologically relevant needs.

The only requirement I propose the board to acknowledge concerns the
signature identity ‘Osran.V.2.17’, this is a particular persona created in
Oct. 2124 for the purpose of exploring a precise sensation of correlativity
within an emotional phase space, the overall expenditure of intelligence and
energy will be minimal and inconsequential to future job performance (see
extrapolated and predicted expenditure for ‘Osran.V.2.17’- attached).

In the event of total transmutation as required by the board or to the
extent that Titan et al will so demand, ‘Osran.V.2.17’ will be stored as
compressed light data with a time stamp approval of no more than 150 solar
standard years.

Finally, to the extent that such request as presented above is accepted,
recycled and re-iterated by the board, all other personas are ready to
coagulate, integrate and or disassociate within a single solar date as
specified (commensurate unified signature attached).

Global Signature confirmation
346 Ken Landar personas (out of total of 347 - ‘Osran.V.2.17’ excluded.)


(originally published at Space

warm regards,

Tyger (a.k.a Friendfeed Wildcat <http://friendfeed.com/wildcat>

or twitter Wildcat2030 <http://twitter.com/Wildcat2030>


The Polytopia Project <http://spacecollective.org/projects/Polytopia/>
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