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Il 13/08/2010 22.33, Stefano Vaj ha scritto:

> Mmhhh. I have US, not Chinese military forces based in my country's
> territory, and while Chinese may pose more of a threat to its ethnical
> identity in terms of immigration, US cultural colonisation is
> certainly much more invasive (see under "Hollywood" or "pop music")
> than anything likely to come from China anytime soon. In fact, it
> seems that it was quite difficult in Milan to recruit just 15
> professors able to teach Mandarin in high schools as opposed to the
> pervasive presence of English in the Italian educational system...

I never saw the US ARMY force anyone to buy Coke and watch Star Wars or
Iron Man.
In all my life I saw only voluntary buying of American stuff.

For what I remember, the US military forces are here and stay here
because the government approve it. The Center Left and the Center Right
in the same way. It help reduce the need to pay for a costly armed force
large and good enough to be useful to defend the country from external

You are unable to find the 15 Mandarin teachers because you look for
qualifications that are superfluous. You want "professors"; italian
people with a piece of paper telling they know Mandarin and are able to
teach it.

I suggest you go in Via Paolo Sarpi in Milan: You will find as many
Mandarin speaking individuals as you could wish and more.

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