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> On Sat, 31 Jul 2010, darren shawn greer wrote:
>> In China, well, I have a problem to
>>> say. They had been very advanced
>> already before Christ and were doing
>> Peter Watson in "A Terrible Beauty"
>> suggests it has something to do with the decline of Confucianism as the central
>> organizing principle of their society.
> I've never linked those two things, but this sounds very likable.

In the same time, China Empire was strengthening its bureaucracy and its
control on the provinces.
During the 1.000 they had a large mineral excavation industry with
merchant and artisans becoming seriously rich (and powerful).
The central authority simply imposed heavy taxes and controls to these
merchants and artisans and miners so the industrial development was
killed before it could take roots.

What differentiate Europe from Asia is the lack of large empires able to
impose controls on the subjects. This gave power to the merchants and
the producers. The Fell of the Western Roman Empire caused an upsurge of
population in the provinces because there no one to impose heavy taxes,
so the people worked more and eat better.

The other point differentiating Europe from Asia is the willingness to
adopt and use any innovation available.
Spectacles could be invented in China, but they didn't become a flourish
industry there. But in few decades from their introduction in Europe
there was a large industry producing spectacles. This, in turn, raised
the productive life of the artisans and the utility of writing/reading
and do maths. At 40 years old could be too weak for working the field
but, with spectacles, he could manage to keep records, accountability,
check the threads of a cloth, etc.
The same is true for the paper industry and for many other innovations.

With smaller kingdoms, the nobles and the kings were forced to consider
the bourgeois a resource for and not a menace to their power.

The spirit of innovation (enhanced by Christianity) empowered and was
empowered by the entrepreneurial freedom.

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