[ExI] What is Rational? (BillK)

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Il 11/08/2010 20.06, Keith Henson ha scritto:
> For example, this theory states that the Chinese will not go to war
> (unless attacked) as long as the future looks better than the present
> for the bulk of the population.  This is in strong contrast to the
> expectations of the "excess males" theory of why we have wars.

The excess of males could be lesser than expected from official charts.
It appear that a large number of Chinese families simply kept hidden the
birth of females until they were growth enough to go to school.

It would be interesting to understand what this pressure has selected
for or against.

Sheep following the orders and not bothering to do differently, would
have less children or none. Unruly sheep and sheep willing to have many
children and not willing to kill the females will have more children.

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