[ExI] A million lines of code

samantha sjatkins at mac.com
Thu Aug 19 03:21:31 UTC 2010

Ryan Rawson wrote:
> Unlike most of the blog writers I actually attended Kurzweil's talk on
> Saturday (sadly though it was by videoconference)... He didn't really
> say anything new there, and he was just pointing out that if you use
> information theoretical analysis of the unique available information
> (ie: dna) you can get an estimate of how much _information_ goes to
> constructing the brain.  He was NOT saying "1 million lines of code =
> adult human", and I don't think anyone there got that sense.  What he
> said is with a million lines of code you can have a program that
> _builds_ a brain, and then you have to go forth and teach it from that
> point.  You know, what we do to develop a neural network in all new
> humans.  Oh yes and his argument was we'll see this full reverse
> engineering thing come to fruition in 2030 (not 2020).

He said you could model the brain as a bunch of Lisp!  This made my day.  :)

- s

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