[ExI] Fwd: [Body Hacking] Reverse-Engineering of Human Brain Likely by 2030, Expert Predicts

Ryan Rawson ryanobjc at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 22:37:29 UTC 2010

I'm not sure how true that was, my friend had a cell phone circa 2000
that did not support SMS...

I think the nokia 5000 series was the first cell that people did real
texting. I started texting a bit in 2003 picked up in 2004 and now
I've switched to gtalk via data in the last year thanks to Androids.

It's going to be pretty amazing.

> To be accurate, SMS was first commercially released in the early 90s - about
> the same
> time as the Web became available for public use.  While adoption was much
> slower than
> the Web and than smartphones, I'd call that transition more like 10-15 years
> to reach the
> same level of public use.
> That's still a lot faster than most people appear to think change is
> happening, though.
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