[ExI] Now we've got 'survival of the weakest'!

Kevin Freels reasonerkevin at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 26 17:22:49 UTC 2010

>> Is he saying humans are degenerating?

>Yes, and of course we are since because of e.g. better healthcare, we
>are under less evolutionary pressures than we used to be. Today,
>people with much more costly deficits in fitness can have lots of
>children than was possible during our earlier evolutionary history.

But that doesn't give any type of advantage over those who are born with better 

This is especially true since most "costly deficits" don't rear their ugly heads 
until well after a person has reproduced. 

Meanwhile, other subtle mechanisms are still at work such as sexual attraction 
to those who can help offset certain deficits. 

Still it is troubling to know that as IQ increases, testosterone levels drop and 
fewer babies are made.   
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