[ExI] NASA tease on SETI find

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The most anticlimactic aspect is that the bacteria are not a separate
highly divergent clade like Archaea but rather members of our own tree
of life that adapted to opportunistically incorporate arsenic in their
DNA. Archaea may have originated DNA separately from Eubacteria, thus
implying that the development of simple forms of life may consist of
distinct phases, each of which could be relatively likely to occur
sequentially, rather than requiring a single complicated origination
event. Archaea have thus implications for the Fermi paradox. GFAJ-1 do
not point to a separate origination event on Earth and thus have
limited importance for astrobiology, aside from supporting the idea
that life could be based on various combinations of elements - and
this is not that important for discussions of e.g. likely filters on
our way to sustained space colonization.


2010/12/2 Dan <dan_ust at yahoo.com>:
> Yes, like so much about NASA: big hype over almost nothing.
> Regards,
> Dan
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> Complete anticlimax. No invasion, No flesh eating acid for blood monsters,
> Not even an exomicrobe found by one of our numerous planetary probes.
> Still interesting, but hardly earthshattering. Just confirms long held
> existing theories.
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>> Update: Not this. That was in the 26 Nov issue of Science. The press
>> conference is about an embargoed story in the 3 Dec issue.
> http://www.creditcardoutlaw.com/my-blog/2010/12/is-nasa-really-going-to-unveil-alien-life-forms-tomorrow.html
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