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>Once something is out there being copied, be it secret cult documents
or State Dept cables, the *worse* thing an organization can do is to
make a huge fuss about it<.Keith


Ja, and it feels to me like they blame the wrong guy.  Everywhere it is
Assange this and Assange that, but they shoot the messenger.  More guilty is
PFC Manning, but even then, the real leakers are those who put anything
potentially damaging on any network that had computers with a flash drive
anywhere in the system.  We have secure links for the purposes of handling
secure and secret email traffic.  In those, there are no flash drive ports,
no floppy drives (remember those?), no wireless anything, not even any hard
drives, and even the secure net printers are few, protected by heavy locked
doors and every page carefully monitored by many watchful eyes.  If an
intranet fails in any of those criteria, then it is not a secure link, and
should never be used to post secret or sensitive info.  Proper secure links
are secure and they don't leak. 


If these ambassadors were putting info that could endanger lives and
international relations on a non-secure link accessible by a PRIVATE FIRST
CLASS (fer crying out loud) then it is THEIR damn fault.  Assange should be
prosecuted for rape (if he did it) but for leaking, nah.  He didn't leak the
careless ambassadors did it.








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