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>.Spike mentioned in this thread that someone in this group was once worried
about some things he had posted. Since it turned out to be impossible to
remove the comments from the database, the group just started imitating each
other's style and posting along similar lines .Darren



It might be time to repeat that exercise.  I got to thinking about it and
realized that much of that predated the 9/11/01 attack.  After Extro5, we
had a huge blowout party at my house, with guys coming thru all day.  I
would estimate about 40 were here at one time or another, so I had them all
write something and sign it as coming from me.  We had a blast.


Since then friends have visited, and I always have them post something from
my computer, just to add to the confusion and fun.  Now I have complete
control over my own written past.  If anyone cites anything I ever wrote, I
can ask to see it, to determine if I actually wrote it, or part of it, with
the option of disowning anything, or for that matter, owning anything you
wrote on ExI.  


The person who later asked for an archive purge was one of those who wrote
messages that day in June 2001, and has done so on at least three different
occasions, from my house, in the subsequent years.


I invite anyone here to write a post and sign it by me.  Let us keep it in
good fun, for it is just a game, with a point.


I may or may not have written the above, but I cannot be certain.








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