[ExI] The tyranny of context free grammars

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Wed Dec 8 03:14:22 UTC 2010

Ryan Rawson wrote:
> was merely pointing out the downfall of a context-ful grammar, since
> the original poster makes it seem like "if only we shed the shackles
> of CFGs we'd be better for it".  There is a dark side of that though,
> and perl is one of them... I've written a few thousand lines of perl,
> it's great for hacking things out, but trying to re-discover what you
> coded a few weeks/months/years ago can be... difficult.

Not quite.

I was pointing out that the paradigm of the chomsky heirarchy is
limiting in that it has failed to provide us with the tools we need to
design software for CAM architectures which would seem to enable, with
today's technology, several orders of magnitude more performance per
transistor than is possible with von-neuman machines because millions of
bits could be computed per clock cycle instead of a few thousand...

Of course there could be problems with the idea of the cellular automata
as being an optimal computing architecture. In any event, computronium
is not just a fabrication issue, it's also a computer science issue.

Powers are not rights.

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