[ExI] Wikileaks

David Lubkin lubkin at unreasonable.com
Thu Dec 9 16:51:55 UTC 2010

Eugen wrote:

> > Everything from holding the security door open, to passwords stuck on
> > the screen, to 'Can I borrow your signon for this job?'
>In some places, that's a firing offense. Of the court-martial firing-squad

Remember Feynman's stories about security at Los Alamos during the
Manhattan Project? Security lapses are still common, whether by Poobahs
who think the rules don't apply to *them* or (particularly) engineers and
scientists who prefer to ignore any rules that don't make sense to *them*.
Part of the problem is that a typical security officer is a mockable dullard.

>if you don't behave in ways that make people despise or hate
>you, this is an additional security measure because then your staff
>won't be motivated to harm or expose your misdeeds.

As I recall, money was the universal solvent for intelligence recruitment.
It was both a primary inducement and locked in people who'd initially
been recruited on another basis (blackmail, ideology, etc.).

-- David.

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