[ExI] Soy, brain aging, and false advertising (Re: Have a Soylent Green Xmas!)

J. Stanton js_exi at gnolls.org
Fri Dec 10 19:01:29 UTC 2010

> From: John Grigg<possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com>
> Oh, what became of the study that said eating lots of soy over the
> years would lead to brain damage?

Right here:
"Brain Aging and Midlife Tofu Consumption"

"Conclusions: In this population, higher midlife tofu consumption was
independently associated with indicators of cognitive impairment and
brain atrophy in late life."

Here's a long article collecting many of the ill effects of soy. Yes,
mercola.com can be foofy at times, but this article is a good
aggregation of the issues:


Note the effects of huge doses of phytoestrogens on infants...on which
we are doing a worldwide uncontrolled study.

(Yes, you'll find several references in the AJCN which claim there is no
problem and soy is unequivocally good -- but you'll also find
disclaimers like these at the end of such references: "M. Messina
regularly consults for companies that manufacture and/or sell soyfoods
and/or isoflavone supplements and is the Executive Director of the Soy
Nutrition Institute, an organization funded by the soy industry and the
United Soybean Board.")

> If you have ever eaten soy-based meat substitutes, you will
> understand why the notion of living on that stuff is so scary. {8-]
> spike

Soybeans aren't food for anything but birds and rodents.  Neither are 
soy products.

Note that cattle can't digest soy or corn properly either (they're 
ruminants -- grass-eaters), which is why they need to be pumped full of 
antibiotics (a primary cause of the worldwide antibiotic resistance 
problem -- far more antibiotics are fed to cattle than to humans) in 
order to stay alive in feedlots.

In fact, the entire term "vegetable oil" is false advertising, because 
it's not made from vegetables at all: it's an industrial product, 
extracted from seeds using industrial solvents (hexane).


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