[ExI] Have a Soylent Green Xmas!

MB mbb386 at main.nc.us
Sat Dec 11 02:47:19 UTC 2010

> Could that movie have influenced an entire generation's attitude towards
> reproduction?  At my 30th reunion, I noticed my high school class didn't
> breed enough to replace ourselves.  The total number of offspring in that
> class was about 70%-ish the size of the class itself.

Interesting thought.  IIUC I am older than you (by a decade or so) and what
influenced my group was ZPG.  I have many friends who had no children at all. We had
2. Only a few old-time friends had 3.  My brothers (14 and 17 years older than I am)
each had larger families. ZPG didn't have any effect on them at all.

What stopped us (in particular) was finances.


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