[ExI] More information on EOD fasting for the CR/life extension crowd

J. Stanton js_exi at gnolls.org
Sun Dec 12 19:46:57 UTC 2010

I'm seeing more and more evidence that EOD (every other day) fasting 
gains us most of the same benefits as full-time calorie restriction.

There are many intriguing specifics in this paper, which I'll leave 
those interested to read, but I will quote the summary:

"Muscle Physiology Changes Induced by Every Other Day Feeding and 
Endurance Exercise in Mice: Effects on Physical Performance"

"In summary, our work indicate that a nutritional stress induced by the 
EOD model of CR together with a moderate increase of energy expenditure 
through physical exercise produces metabolic changes that increase the 
efficiency of mitochondrial activity in muscle, reduces oxidative damage 
and improves physical performance. Subtle modifications at the cellular 
and biochemical levels in response to dietary stress seem to be the 
basis for a higher mitochondrial efficiency. Taking into consideration 
that the decline in physical activity during age is a common factor in 
many species, the results shown here suggest that the combination of the 
reduction of calorie intake and the practice of aerobic exercise would 
also increase physical performance in humans and then, improve their 
quality of life."


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