[ExI] Biological immortality and the paleo diet

J. Stanton js_exi at gnolls.org
Sun Dec 12 19:47:59 UTC 2010

For those who didn't see Michael Rose's talk at Humanity+ at Caltech:

"How to achieve ‘biological immortality’ naturally"

This appears to support the theory advanced in this paper, which I 
posted previously:

"Glucose Hysteresis as a Mechanism in Dietary Restriction, Aging and

In other words, not only is a 'paleo' diet (which includes periodic 
fasting, as per my previous message, as well as a meat/vegetable/some 
tuber/occasional fruit and nut diet) better for your short-term health, 
mood, and energy level: it may actually extend your life.

Of course, this is all still in the 'theory' stage.  But since the 
'theory' that low fat intake and a diet high in processed grains is good 
for your health has been immediately followed by skyrocketing rates of 
obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, I'm comfortable working on the 
assumption that a diet (and physical activity) informed by evolutionary 
biology is healthy.


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