[ExI] Who is safe?

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Mon Dec 13 20:31:19 UTC 2010

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Spike wrote:

>>Hmmm, ...With respect to the sheer 
>>volume of the text, I can easily imagine that Private Manning actually 
>>read little or none of it.

>Judging from his picture, he doesn't look like he *can* read anything
beyond Archie Comics. There's something about his expression that suggests
you could play racquetball inside his skull...Seriously. When he gets to
trial, I wouldn't be surprised if the defense argued diminished
capacity...-- David.

Ja, and this is one of the apparent contradictions I see in the story.  They
don't give clearances to PFCs, or rather not much clearance.  They go on and
on about classified info, but then imply it was on an open channel.  That is
a contradiction in itself.  

I think the news agencies are wary as all get out.  They really aren't
saying much.  They watched what happened to the credibility of CBS in
October and November of 2004.  Plenty of them suspect the Lucy Ramirez story
is actually true, but that Lt Cmdr Bill Burkett knew and was in on it the
whole time, and that it was all a setup, a sting aimed at Dan Rather,
knowing that he was going to run the
Niger-uranium-mine-based-on-counterfeit-documents story.  So they arranged
for CBS to receive counterfeit documents.  Then CBS couldn't run the
counterfeit documents story (they never did) since they themselves were
fooled by counterfeit documents.

I am not one to buy conspiracy theories, but that one is just plausible
enough to estimate ~40% chance that it is true, that it was all a setup by
Karl Rove or somebody, and it worked better than even he could have
imagined: it ruined Dan Rather, caused him to retire in disgrace, and set
CBS at the National Enquirer level of credibility.  News people aren't
stupid.  Or I should say, they aren't as stupid as they were in October
2004, Rather.  They smell a set-up, and so do I.  Notice that Julian Assange
never actually claims these leaked documents are all genuine.  How would he


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