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But how do we know these are true?  .  Do we have any way to confirm any of




>"Do we have any way to confirm any of it?" Is that a serious question?How
about investigative journalism and civil/criminal inquiries?


I notice none of the news majors are reporting.  Perhaps they suspect a
trap?  We have seen it before.  Maybe.




>These only seem to be useful for dealing with Julian Assange however. Isn't
it interesting that his 'sex crimes' trial is going to boil down to a 'he
said/she said' situation completely devoid of objective facts at issue?...


Sounds to me like the first girl didn't know she had been raped until a
couple days later when she learned he was sleeping with her friend.  I bet
he will walk on both charges.




The level of self-censorship and cowardice in the media is disgraceful. As
disgraceful in fact as the level of complacency and willing blindness among
the population.Omar Rahman


Hmmm, due caution is justifiable while standing next to the smoking crater
made by Dan Rather and Gary Webb, both of which may have had some government
complicity in their downfall.










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