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>...Watch carefully in the next few weeks.  Listen and think of every
possibility.  There may be more than one bad guy, who may not even be
working together, nor all be on the same side... Keith I don't know if you
were ever a San Jose Mercury News reader, but if so, you may have followed
Gary Webb's career trajectory...His story hit the headlines over 14 years
ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday... spike

Note that when any major news agency takes a head shot, its credibility
never recovers.  The Merc has been in decline ever since the 1996 debacle.
CBS has not ventured very far into political scandal reporting since 2004,
for it is too easy for them to imagine any other news agency, such as that
fair and balanced outfit, making snarky comments such as "...CBS, the neeews
agency of Dan Raaaather, is reporting..."

Long timers here may recall discussions on the future of war we used to have
here about 10 or 12 years ago.  We remarked that future warfare may be
unrecognizable as such, for it would be missing many of the universal
aspects of warfare that has been with us since the first ape hurled a stone
at another ape.  Future warfare may have no explosions, no injury or death,
no clear chain of command, no uniforms, no fires, no starving refugees.
Warfare has already suddenly lost one of the most universal aspects: the
terror and confusion of battle.  Future wars could start and end quickly,
with many of the participants unaware that a war had occurred.  The damage
may not be apparent for years, if at all.  It may be debatable whether the
events can even be called warfare.  The damage may be ambiguous.  

We are in such an ambiguous warfare right now.  Imagine for instance,
somehow all passenger airline travel is choked to death by the necessity of
security measures that cause a sufficient number of customers to just say
no, and we drop below critical mass to sustain the system.  Real or implied
threats cause the whole system to just collapse or flame out.  But then
businesses compensate by figuring out ways to move information instead of
meat.  It is far cheaper and in many ways more effective to move bits
instead of butts.  

Who won and who lost?  Why?  How?



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