[ExI] quantum phenomena and >4D dimensionality

Jeff Davis jrd1415 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 17 18:30:48 UTC 2010

I'm getting old.  I recall fondly the good old days.  Days filled with
the enjoyment of science.  Science I seemed to grasp well enough to
feel good about myself, to feel smart.  This new stuff challenges me.
Presenting a burdensome expanse of the just-now-dimly-seen, emergent,
implicit-yet-still-all-but-entirely-unknown unknown.  Blessed be the
incredible lightness of the still entirely unknown unknown.


Now go take a look at the above-linked article.  Then come back and
read the rest below.


So I'm sitting here at my little netbook, composing that first
paragraph, when my wife comes to me with two necklace loops.  These
are continuous loops with no junction to allow them to be opened into
a single straight strand with ends. And the loops are connected like
two links of chain.  She hands them to me and says, "Could you please
separate these?  They were in my jewelery case and got hooked
together."  I looked at the two linked strands-without-ends and I
replied, "What you have here is a quantum singularity."

I was not being strictly rigorous (is that redundant?) with my
terminology -- because rigor is not strictly required in my domestic
setting, where the uncertainty principle dominates -- but was merely
indulging in my habit, when confronted in the real world with the
clearly impossible, of blaming it on quantum "weirdness".  What was
really spooky, however, was combination of the timing, and the
striking "congruence" of the subject matter of the above-linked
article and the "impossible" yet undeniably real topological conundrum
dropped at that moment in my lap by my wife.

I studied the problem of the two loops until, after a while, I was
able to apply string theory and the likely -- subsequently confirmed
-- dimensional overlap (implied by trans-modal energy-flow
periodicities) to disentangle the two loops.  It wasn't all that hard,

Best, Jeff Davis

               "Everything's hard till you know how to do it."
                                                 Ray Charles

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