[ExI] Humor: facial recognition apps

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>Radical SLC based Mormons would sneak all the booze, coffee, tea and
caffeinated soda out of your house, remove all of the R-rated movies, and at
the very worst, tie you down and perpetrate the Clockwork Orange treatment,
as they made you watch hours after hour of BYU television programming!  John
; )

No pal, you are referring to the true Mormons, the real Mormons, those who
make up the vast majority of the peaceful Mormon religion.  But there is a
tiny minority, often children of affluent true Mormons, who mysteriously
become radicalized and dangerous.  Some of them object to US troops
stationed in Salt Lake City, or some other real or perceived blasphemy.
Society perpetuates the myth that their radicalization is somehow based on
poverty and ignorance, and thus prescribe completely ineffective if not
counterproductive antidotes to this mysterious memetic virus that leads
otherwise educated and prosperous young Mormons into murderous rage.

The booze and TV they can have, but they will get my coffee when they pry it
from my cold dead hands.

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