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Sun Dec 19 16:33:59 UTC 2010

>>>Check with King George on that.  Washington and his gang were terrorists.
Best, Jeff Davis


>>Ja, but they were *good* terrorists.< spike


>Carl Sagan said if we like them, they're freedom fighters. If we don't,
they're terrorists. And if we can't make up our minds, they're guerillas.

Haaa, thanks Darren.  

Puzzling comment by the US vice president:

Biden says if Assange conspired to get classified documents with a member of
the U.S. military, then "that's fundamentally different" than if a reporter
were given classified material by a source. The vice president tells NBC's
"Meet the Press" that he would argue it's closer to being "a high-tech
terrorist" than what happened in the Pentagon
<http://www.foxnews.com/topics/politics/the-pentagon.htm#r_src=ramp>  Papers
-- with the 1971 leak of a government study about U.S. involvement in


So then, that covers two of four cases, but what is a reporter who
conspirers with GI Joe?  What if GI Joe gives documents to Wikileaks without
the conspiracy?  Is that at terreporter?  So it all depends on whose privacy
is being violated?  This determines if the information activist is a
terrorist, a freedom fighter, a guerilla or a reporter, and determines if GI
Joe is a source or a traitor?  Pentagon Papers = good, Wikileaks = bad?

I see.





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