[ExI] Biological immortality and the paleo diet

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Max wrote:
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> That reflects my experience too, since going full paleo more than two
> months ago. When I ate more carbs, even though they were often from
> double-fiber whole wheat bread, I would want to eat frequently. On a
> paleo diet, I can easily go for quite a few hours without *needing* to
> eat.<br><br>
> The paleo idea is spreading fast it seems. I'm still not sure about
> Michael Rose's view that you need not switch to paleo until age 35 or 40
> (I haven't yet found a clear explanation of that, though I'm starting to
> read a pre-pub version of his co-authored 2011 book that might satisfy),
> but I'm urging everyone to at least read up on this approach, if they are
> serious about improving health and longevity.<br><br>
> Max<br><br>
> <br>
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> <font face="Courier New, Courier">On 12 December 2010 21:28, spike
> <spike66 at att.net> wrote:<br>
> > I suggest nothing too<br>
> > painful, just something that adjusts one's attitude a bit.<br><br>
> I suspect most "pain" in any less-than-36-hours fasting to be
> just glucose/insuline withdrawal symptoms.<br><br>
> Personally, in a diet based on fish, meat, green vegetables and some
> nuts, if I have something more interesting to do I do not suffer much, or
> rather at all, by not eating anything for such a period.<br><br>
> If anything, I enjoy a little more my steak at the end... :-)<br><br>
> --<br>
> Stefano Vaj<br>

I've just had an experience that confirms this. Been eating broadly palaeo for a few weeks, and feeling a lot better for it, no hunger pangs, eating meals farther apart, but recently I was in a situation where that was just not really possible without a lot of inconvenience, and I've abruptly reversed the gradual weight loss (gained a kilo in a week), been more hungry and irritable and felt the need to eat more frequently than I've got used to.  And felt the irresistible call of croissants for breakfast this morning!  Now I have to go through the process of weaning myself off wheat all over again..

Ben Zaiboc


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