[ExI] Linguistic shifts

natasha at natasha.cc natasha at natasha.cc
Tue Dec 21 22:26:28 UTC 2010

Quoting Anders Sandberg <anders at aleph.se>:

> I like the idea of developing useful subsets of languages. The problem
> is figuring out when you are encountering them. Philosophese often
> sounds like slightly stilted English, but some words are entire rabbit
> holes of strangeness (case in point: intentionality). Maybe we should
> have markers indicating when we get into a special domain.

Let's talk about intentionality. [Roy Ascott, my PhD advisor (who you  
will meet at the upcoming neuro/media-arts conference at the  
University of Plymouth), once said to me to be careful about  
intentionality.  I still don't really know what he meant. Husserl,  
Bretano, Dennett, etc. ... ?]

I wasn't sure if Roy was criticizing my view about life extension  
being a result of human survival instinct, as if I was making an  
"aboutness" about human nature and purpose, or if he was saying  
criticizing my transhumanist views in reference to the mind as a  
construct of the brain.

In your view, how would intentionality come into play in the  
philosophy of transhumanism and also in the domain of human  
enhancement / life prolongation?


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