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>And this is precisely why I shake my head sadly at the people who insist
that life as an upload would be *less* rather than *more* interesting, full
of opportunities, capabilities, possibilities...

>With our current impoverished imaginations, we can only just scratch the
surface of what would be possible.

Ben Zaiboc

I agree Ben.  There are plenty of interesting discoveries that have been
made by first writing a simulation and toying with that.  Thirty years ago I
took flying lessons in a Cessna.  Fifteen years ago, I spent some time with
a good PC based flight simulator.  I learned waaaay more about how an
airplane handles using that simulator, way more.  In a real plane you can't
risk the plane or yourself, can't take chances and push envelopes, can't
shoot down Nazis, none of that.  Ten years ago when I got a chance to fly a
Pitts Special stunt plane, I was good at it first time I tried it, already
had all the intuitions in place, all from flying a PC sim, not a Cessna.



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