[ExI] simulation as an improvement over reality

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Sun Dec 26 16:49:19 UTC 2010

Samantha Atkins wrote:
> Either this creature goes or I do.  I run this meeting and have run it for nearly a year. 
> I have worked hard to gather and present where we are and how we might
move closer to our dreams in next
> decade or two.

You've succeeded at that mission, fairly well. I fail to see how it
actually advances the field, but then I'm a total idiot. Your
presentations have the feel of the old show "Beyond 2000" which aired in
the early '90s talking about gee-wiz gadgets and stuff. Does sitting and
watching such a show advance the field? Unless your presentations impart
some useful skill, they cannot be anything more than fun and interesting.

> I have not sugar coated the challenges of where the world is.  I have steered clear of
> both doom and gloom and complete optimistic faith.  If you don't
appreciated it, Alan / Alonzo, then go
> do whatever you find more important.

If I didn't, I wouldn't show up.

>  Not once have you offered to contribute in any way to make this
> group or anything else one whit better.

I've never failed to put forth my best effort. =(

Transhumanism happens where electrons meet atoms. Absolutely nothing
will happen in transhumanism until two things happen.

1. We agree on some common sub-goals. (Nobody cares about your end-goals
unless they involve reducing the earth to computronium.)

2. We pool information and resources towards that goal.

I've been watching some videos from a recent AGI conference. I consider
that very positive because it represents a pooling of information.
Pooling resources is a bit more difficult in our economic system. The
best example seems to be the new "hackerspace" movement. That seems to
be the biggest step yet towards a pooling of resources that can
eventually lead towards transhumanism.

>  Instead you show up and mostly make irrelevant and offensive
> remarks, bounce about like an idiot,

That is the only possible activity in VR.

> tell us how irrelevant and pathetic all things virtual are and
> grow enormous boobs to supposedly show us just how pointless it all is.


I was merely expressing my own sexuality in a way that is only currently
available in VR. I have never lied, exaggerated, misrepresented, or
misled anyone about what it is I fantasize about except through
omission. No lie detector will make me say differently. If I am expected
to accept you as a woman, then in the same way and for the same reason I
expect you to respect that I like fantastically enormous boobs. There is
no having it both ways.

> Sometimes you seem to have a
> halfway functional intelligence so I had hoped you would eventually calm down
and find yourself a
> bit.

Sorry, I have no self to find. =\

> It appears I was much too generous and should have swatted you like the
insect you have proven
> yourself to be long ago.


If I am, you are.

>> > I am not casting stones here, only trying to extrapolate predictions
>> > based on the future evolution of the minds around me.

> You have just insulted people that have been incredibly patient with you, some of them because I asked
> them to give you space to grow up a bit.    I am sorry that I did so.
 Lesson learned.

What part of "I'm not casting stones" did you not understand?

Powers are not rights.

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