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Subject: [ExI] end of the year cutting up

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>>...  I call it enigmofetish...spike

>...  Would that then be considered carnal lack of knowledge?

What if two enigmosexuals met online and arranged to meet, but neither knew
what they were going to do? Perhaps they would play the 60s board game
Mystery Date?  Perhaps several enigmosexuals meet to have a drunken orgy,
but it spontaneously broke into a game of strip twister?

Evolution has created so many kludgey structures in living organisms, Rube
Goldberg systems that exist only because they have stable intermediate
protoforms but are terrible solutions to the original problem.  Imagine
alien life forms cruising the galaxy, noting the blue planet has an
abundance of a non-ground state chemical, molecular oxygen, which suggests
life, so they go down to check it out.  Soon they see sexual intercourse and
note how common it is in so many unrelated species.  The aliens species
would die laughing, if they have anything analogous to laughter.

Of course we seldom contemplate it, because we are so accustomed to the
notion from a lifetime of porno movies.  But once one thinks about it in all
its forms, copulation is just completely absurd.  It is so weird it is just
amazing it even exists.  If it didn't feel so good, we would never do it at
all.  So very undignified!  There are a hundred good reasons, perhaps a
thousand, why it is really a bad answer for the need to exchange genetic
material, expensive, awkward, often dangerous.  But it is a bad solution
that we like so very well.

As Bob Marley's ghost said to Scrooge "Lighten up, mon!  Eets


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