[ExI] simulation as an improvement over reality

Alan Grimes agrimes at speakeasy.net
Mon Dec 27 00:18:29 UTC 2010

Samantha Atkins wrote:
> Why is this Alan Grimes creature still here? 

If I'm a 'creature', you are too.

> If you have chosen to keep him then I have no home here.
> If you think there is no problem then I have no home here.
> If you choose to ignore blatant attacks, homophobia, transphopbia and
plain rude
> insistence on his own views no matter how patiently they are debunked
over and over
> again then I have no home here.  Choose.

I feel obliged to respond to this because I've been awed, in recent
hours, by the display of raw power this person has demonstrated. When I
logged into secondlife to try to figure out why streaming audio wasn't
working, I found that I had been banned from not one, not two, but THREE
transhumanist communities on SL.

It is very important to try to explain what this implies. It costs
linden dollars to start a group in secondlife, and, if it is not
prosperous in an absurdly short period of time, it is deleted by the
system. I know this because I've tried to do it myself. Therefore, there
is a fixed, finite upper bound on the number of transhumanist
communities it is possible to form in secondlife, because there is a
small number of transhumanists and they are only willing/able to join a
small number of communities. That this one person has the power to ban
me from three of them at a stroke is an extremely worrying concentration
of power that I think is extremely detrimental to the movement as a whole.

As should be obvious to anyone who did anything more to my post than run
it through a political correctness filter, I'm going through a fairly
rough time in my life. My life strongly resembles solitary confinement
at the moment. I feel bitter about many things and I'm realizing that it
is setting up a positive feedback loop in my emotional makeup that will
push me to being ever grouchier and grouchier. Because if I were stuck
on a desert island with a woman, she would probably contemplate suicide
before letting me share my coconuts with her. I got me a cat... It
doesn't like me yet either, it is still in its terrified stiff stage
where it is sulking around my unused master bedroom suite. =(

This Samantha person would rather see me in my grave than be reminded,
even once, that gender reassignment surgery, even the best latest
procedures, don't really work. Maybe if enough money were thrown at the
problem, it might be possible to re-encode the DNA and make all the
skelital and soft tissue changes necessary to actually accomplish it,
but not with today's stone knives and bear skins. So, the person throws
the worst slurs [] can at me, "transphobic", and "homophobic". Are those
even supposed to be insults? SHEESH!!! It is the cornerstone of human
liberty to be either philic or phobic of absolutely anything whatsoever.
I do not care what this person thinks of me, really, I don't. If it
weren't for this person's power over my ability to participate in
transhumanism, I wouldn't even bother to write this.

Now the serious part of this is that people with _repressed_ sexual
issues often use the power of government to inflict their inner
conflicts on the public at large. In my state there is a sodomy law. I
do not support this law because it is absolutely wrong for the
government to say anything whatsoever about consensual sexual
activities. But the thing is, it is far more likely that the law was
passed by a repressed homosexual trying to prove that he's not one, than
any straight man! In congress, many of the people who propose laws
against homosexuals are later found out to be homosexual themselves. The
problem is not the sexual orientation, it is the repression of it!

In an uploaded environment, if this being had any administrator rights
over to the hardware I was stuffed into, I would have been de-rez'd by
now without a second thought. Thankfully, I own my own hardware, wet as
it may be, and am not at this person's mercy outside of the communities
which [] dominates.

What I propose is that this Samantha person either follow through on
[]'s ultimatum, or not. I do not care. My mission here is to try to find
and form alliances with the people who can help me accomplish the
sub-tasks of my own transhumanist venture. Nothing else matters to me.

Powers are not rights.

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