Mon Dec 27 19:04:09 UTC 2010

I would like to wish everyone on this list a happy new year, as all of you 
have again given me a great year of thinking out side of the box(I have a 
very small box:)

Thank you Mr. Clark the book was a great read, a little expensive but still 
a great read.

Is your Barbara any relationship to Heddy

When they fire up that machine in switerland this spring, is there really 
any chance it will create a black hole

If we can predict the  star movements in the sky, why can we not predict the 
outcome of the world cup, was the fish smarter than all of Europe.

Does anyone know if concussed is a word, or was is just made up by the 
sports community to explain the act of getting a concussion.

And last of all, you all have been helpful to the 40 year old virgin, but I 
think he has been pulling your chain, and juding by your replies, he has 
been very effective in doing it.

Have a great  new year


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